How to work together with Danes and others not like you


Regardless of whether we want to deal with the Chinese, integrate staff from India or work with various different regions in the same country, cultural habits are there to trip us up. Conventional thinking and lack of cultural intelligence constantly wreck masses of opportunities. And if you are one of those expats here in the Kingdom of Denmark, then you have bigger challenges than most.

According to studies around a third of highly skilled people who move to Denmark get negatively surprised by the cultural differences. But
that’s not very surprising. In the social sciences it’s nothing new that Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia are significantly culturally different
from a lot of other places in the world.

You can’t find a country with more trust, less religiousness, a greater emphasis on equality but also a significant tendency to social reclusiveness
and much more. But why are they so different and how do you crack the code of Danish society?

Dennis Nørmark has written an easy-to-read and practical book. With specific examples, funny anecdotes and thorough research, he gives
us a solid tool for collaboration and co-existence. First and foremost about encounters with Danes, but he also gives examples from the whole world in this easy-to-read handbook about how we can take control of our most primitive instincts and turn cultural problems into opportunities.

The book is also available in Danish.


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